How Online Casinos Rate and Rank Their Players – VIP Programs and Bonuses

How Online Casinos Rate and Rank Their Players – VIP Programs and Bonuses

With online casinos popping up almost every day, it has become essential for operators to find ways of retaining their clients’ loyalty. This is the main reason behind promotions and online casino loyalty programs such as VIP casino bonuses, cash-backs, and deposit bonuses. In this post, we delve deeper into what loyalty programs entail and why you should join them.

What is an online casino loyalty program?

Just like any other business, an online casino aims at appealing to new clients as well as retaining the older ones. They achieve this through offering rewards to their clients, which act as an incentive to lure you into playing exclusively in that casino. A loyalty program, or what is sometimes referred to as a ‘Players Club’ or a ‘VIP Scheme’, is a form of reward where you accrue points for the time you spend playing, the deposits you make, or for participating in tournaments. Most online casinos’ loyalty programs are automatic.

As with most loyalty programs from other businesses, online casino loyalty programs also have different levels. A beginner starts at the basic level and advances based on his wagering volume. Ideally, the more you wager, the sooner you will advance through the available levels. The higher you rank, the more you benefit from additional rewards such as a VIP casino bonus and the more points you earn.

You get into a higher level of the loyalty program depending on the points you have earned. The points you earn is subject how much you deposit or to the type of game you play. For instance, you could be awarded higher points for slot games than if you waged on table games. The points you amass over time can be redeemed for cash or other rewards such as exclusive deposit bonuses. The more points you accrue, the higher you rank.

Common loyalty programs

Usually, loyalty programs vary from one casino to another, but most of them have 5 or 6 levels. Some of the most popular levels are bronze, gold, ruby, silver, and platinum levels. Some of the most common loyalty programs include:-

  • Redeemable credits – these are the points you earn each time you wager. Some casinos allow you to redeem them in the form of cash while others only allow you to bet.
  • No wagering withdrawal – this is a form of loyalty program in which the players can only withdraw the amount they win on a game. Not withdrawing the initial deposit encourages them to play more.
  • Exclusive VIP programs – players who eventually become VIP members benefit from some of the best casino bonus programs. Most online casino VIP programs have no wagering limits on their VIP members. Also, such members benefit from regular free spins, higher bonuses, priority withdrawals, and live support from dedicated agents.

While some online casinos will allow you to accumulate the points earned to increase your chances of getting to the VIP status, others require that your minimum points get to a certain level each month.

Why should I consider joining a loyalty program?

A loyalty program seeks to add more to the value of the money you wager by giving you some kind of bonus. Such programs are aimed at rewarding players whether they deposit small or huge amounts of money.

Through a loyalty program, you could qualify for entries into tournaments, free casino credits, VIP treatment, paid trips, free birthday gifts, cashback, and surprise benefits, weekly or weekend special bonuses and many other benefits that were previously exclusive to high-rollers. Some will even provide you with tickets to sporting events in your locality.

As with any other marketing scheme, it is important to critically analyze even the most promising VIP program offers to verify their reliability and get details of how they work. This also gives you a chance to understand the company’s terms and conditions.

Final thoughts

With the increasing competition, loyalty programs are bound to get better which implies that you will have more free cash with which to play. Apart from choosing an online casino with the best casino bonuses, choose one whose loyalty program gives you the opportunity to get to the highest status through benefits that matter to you. Be sure to check out the casino’s reviews to get a feel of its reputation.

It is essential that we point out that making the most out of your preferred loyalty program is a gradual process. Thus, it would be unwise to sign up to an online casino with the sole aim of pursuing VIP rewards.

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