A Look at the Different Types of Online Slots and How to Play Them

A Look at the Different Types of Online Slots and How to Play Them

Not only are online slots from UK providers a great deal of fun, but you always have the chances of winning it big. This the main reason why slots is one of the most popular platforms in existence. By utilising the correct strategies and approaches, you could be able to tip the odds in your favour over time. The good news is that if you happen to hit a progressive jackpot, you may very well win thousands of pounds or even more. Let’s take a look at how progressive slots function before moving on to examine the main variants on the market today.

How do Progressive Jackpot Slots Work?

The principle behind progressive slots online is rather simple. Any time you and other players deposit funds, a portion of this money will be allocated towards a jackpot (sometimes referred to simply as the “pot”). Assuming that the winning combination is not obtained during a given round, this jackpot will steadily increase. If no winner is declared for some time, the jackpot can rise to nearly astronomical levels. This is the allure, for some players choose to monitor the frequency of payouts in order to determine when it is prudent to enter into the competition. Whether you play for fun or you hope to win it big, the fact of the matter is that an online casino for UK competitors will certainly provide hours of unfettered excitement.

A Look at the Different Types of Progressive Slots Online

In order to adopt the proper strategy, it is important to understand that there are a few different types of progressive jackpots available. Let us now take a look at the most common variants so that we can embrace the proper approach when the time is right.

Stand-Alone Progressive Slots

Stand-alone progressive slots are the easiest to understand, as the jackpot is not linked to any other machines. To put this another way, stand-alone jackpots will only tally up the funds deposited into a single unit. This figure is then added into the best winning combination of reels. A readout on the front of the display will highlight the current value of the jackpot and this figure will obviously rise as you deposit more money. While stand-alone progressive slots are easy to understand, their only drawback is that the total payouts tend to be much lower when compared to those associated with an network of machines. This brings us to our next section.

Local Area Progressive Slots

These are sometimes referred to as in-house jackpots. This variant is essentially the opposite of a stand-alone jackpot. Local area games are comprised of a number of slot machines which are linked together. Please note that these may all be located on the same property or they can even be linked between several different branded casinos. As you may have guessed, the payouts associated with local area progressive games are normally quite high. The trade-off is that winners tend to be declared more frequently due to the number of players at any given time. While the benefit is that you could very well hit the right combination, the ultimate downside is that the field of competition is much more diverse.

Wide-Area Progressive Jackpots

This final variant offers the most substantial winnings and jackpots can often reach well into the millions of pounds. Wide-area slots are comprised of a network of unrelated casinos. The gaming provider itself is in control over the winnings as well as the odds. The operator owns all of the machines as opposed to the casino. However, the casino will be allotted a percentage of any winnings as they occur. The main temptation is that walking away with such a large jackpot could change your life forever. However, we also need to mention that the chances of correctly matching all reels to a specific combination are also much smaller (think of a nationwide lottery competition). This should be taken into account when playing wide-area progressive jackpot slots.

How to Play Progressive Slot Games

You will first need to consider the odds associated with each of the variants mentioned above. If you are looking for better odds, it is wise to stick with stand-alone games. Should you happen to be allured by a life-changing payout, in-house and wide-area progressives could prove to be your best option. Above all, remember that this is a game of statistics as much as it involves skill and experience.

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