Shut up and take my money – Comparing and rating two of the best jackpot slots

Shut up and take my money – Comparing and rating two of the best jackpot slots

Are you a jackpot slots enthusiast? Are you looking for the very best jackpot slots available online? Then you will enjoy reading this article; here we compare the two leading progressive jackpot slots currently available at any decent online casino. We’re talking (of course) about Mega Moolah and Mega Joker, the games known to offer the absolute best payouts for slots anywhere on the Internet.

If you want to know how you can improve your chances to win a substantial amount of money, you just have to lock into either one of these progressive jackpot slots! Not only are these titles offering the best payouts for Internet slots, but they’re also extremely fun and engaging to play – so read on to learn how you can get the most from your slot gaming at your favorite online casino.

Mega Moolah is the King of Progressive Jackpot Slots!

You may have hear of Mega Moolah already, since it’s one of the most popular slot games out there… and it’s also the most exciting to play: Mega Moolah currently holds the current standing among Guinness World Records for the biggest payout ever awarded in the realms of online slot machines – we’re talking about over 13 million pounds, an impressive amount won in 2016 by a very lucky British player!

Mega Moolah is a five reel slot game that was created ten years ago by leading developer Microgaming, and it’s still running stronger than ever. This game is available in four different themes, all of which share the same progressive jackpots: you can choose between the American, Wild Africa, Egypt, and Holiday themes according to your aesthetic preference. Asides from the conventional slot format, It also features a special Jackpot that looks like a wheel of fortune game; this mode triggered randomly to give you additional chances of earning. You can increase your chances of getting this special mode by placing larger bets… but if you’re really lucky, a single coin is all it takes to win large!

This game is a standard looking 5×3 reel slot game comprising 25 pay-lines; it features incredibly colorful and attractive visuals that make the experience very appealing and enjoyable. Available bet sizes range from 1 to 125 coins, which corresponds to a maximum bet of a little over £6 per spin. This means you can enjoy Mega Moolah frequently without spending a lot of money, but you can also choose to make bigger investments to try and increase your chances of reaching the special jackpot and earning impressive amounts.

Why Many Online Casino Enthusiasts are Choosing Mega Joker

If you’re looking to try another slot game is consistently favored by regular online casino players, the most obvious potion is Mega Joker! This title from Microgaming is also known to routinely build up some ridiculously high progressive jackpots, which occasionally make millionaires out of online casino players. The game-play is a little simpler compared to Mega Moolah, since this title only features three reels… but the payouts can often be just as massive.

Mega Joker is a perfect game to start enjoying slot games at your favorite online casino, since its look is actually very similar to traditional slot games that you’re used to seeing in any average British pub. The theme of this slot hinges on colorful fruit symbols (oranges, lemons, cherries, grapes, and melons) mixed with a few special icons (bells, sevens and jokers) for the bigger prizes. The gameplay is split in two sections: the basic game plays out at the bottom of the screen, while the upper area is reserved for the bonus section (here known as “Supermeter reels”).

This hugely popular slots game features a 3×3 reel comprising five pay-lines in total, and you can place bets for each pay-line and spin ranging from 1 up to 10 pounds, while looking to score the 2000x maximum jackpot available. You’ll feel right at home playing this title if you’re used to playing traditional Vegas-style slot games, even though Mega Joker does offer some interesting surprises – most notably the large scale progressive jackpots.

Asides from the tremendous earning potential of this slot game, the reason why it’s so popular is because it is very easy for new players to get into and start playing… but it includes just enough extras to also appeal to more experienced players. Another engaging aspect of Mega Joker is that you can choose to collect your winnings at any time, or keep on playing to build up some dizzying bonuses that make for an extraordinarily thrilling game experience.

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